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Magic Mathworks Travelling Circus
Experiencing Mathematics through Sight, Sound, Touch and Movement

Welcome to the Magic Mathworks website
Magic Mathworks is a travelling hands-on maths exhibition for schools, museums and discovery centres. This touring maths lab demonstrates and explores a multisensory approach to the learning of mathematics based on the Multiple Embodiment Principle of Z P Dienes.

To find out more about our work
Follow the Introduction (pop-up window). Take a Photo tour or a Video tour
Read about Mathworks topics. Investigate Masterclasses.

Following up a Circus visit
The Virtual Circus is devoted to this. We also provide links to corresponding NRICH items and Extension activities. Under Using the Circus you will find activities sorted by type - drawing, measuring, and so on. Heuristics submits our stations to a dozen problem-solving techniques. For a complete inventory of our stations consult the Magic Manual.
The Bestandsliste provides a visual summary for German visitors.

For more ideas
Look at the Maths club projects and consult the list of Publications. If anything there interests you and you do not have access to the journals cited, contact us and we will e-mail a .pdf file.

Interested in other hands-on maths projects?
Take a look at our links page.

For U.K. hosts
The Circus itself now only tours in Germany. U.K. hosts may like to engage the services of Selwyn van Zeller. He operates in his own right with ‘Maths in a Suitcase’ and also has access to a complete set of our apparatus (the ‘green’ set).
T 0121 429 9327

We do however continue to offer masterclasses in the U.K.

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